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3D and VR Technological progress

Google 3D provides you with hands-on guidance for a variety of 3D and VR areas.

Are you looking for 3D or VR videos? No Problem Google 3D has put together a number of providers for you.

Are you looking for 3D or VR software? Again, this is not a problem, because too Google 3D has already put this together and for anything you can not find on this page, you can top the top of the page, use the search and you get targeted results.


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Everyday concept accompanied our lives for decades (((3D)))

3D is not only a widespread topic in the TV world. 3D is now more common in our everyday lives than we would expect. Whether we want to create a plastic model or in the food industry 3D surrounds us every day. Even in the Spielzug department, 3D has a long-standing success story behind it. A list of the current areas where 3D technology is used can be found below. The big question that many may face, what comes to 3D? 3D is experiencing a change in consumer electronics. Currently, VR is on the rise in consumer electronics. But the 3D technology will be with us for decades to come. VR has not arrived in many areas. So you can not say exactly what the increase of 3D will be.

This is a list of the 15 most popular 3D applications:

1. 3D TV 2. 3D Games 3. 3D printing plastic

4. 3D print food 5. 3D printing metal

6. 3D printing wood 7. 3D printing medical clinics 8. 3D Software

9. 3D pictures 10. 3D architecture 11. 3D care products

12. 3D laser surveying 13. 3D show technology 14. 3D toys

15. 3D clothes

Play Google Maps 3D game now

Google Maps the game 3D

VR image made by myself

VR is the future of images and videos, Virtual Reality has just begun, but there are already a variety of software to convert its images into the popular VR format. And not only your pictures become an eye-catcher on Facebook, even videos can be converted easily with the page shown below. The future starts now, the future is VR. Just log in and get started. Currently this converter is only applicable to PC and the pictures are only divisible on Facebook. As soon as a new software is available, we will publish it here.

Your picture or video in VR


Let yourself be abducted in a virtual reality under water in the Baltic Sea. Experience 3D VR.


What requirements does your smartphone have to fulfill to offer a good VR experience?

There is no question that virtual reality is becoming an ever-growing topic. Soon, the first VR glasses from Oculus Rift or HTC Vive will conquer the home living room of many people. Even for smartphones, there are VR glasses, a cardboard glasses with two lenses, which costs only a few euros, there are already on Amazon to buy. The smartphone serves as a screen and takes over all calculations.

But is every smartphone suitable for VR glasses? The answer is clear: no!

Your smartphone must meet the requirements, so that the device in the glasses also works properly and well. But what are the requirements? The right sensors For the smartphone in the VR glasses to detect all head movements, two sensors are needed: the acceleration sensor and the gyroscope. An acceleration sensor is installed in each phone, which determines the automatic display orientation. You do not have to worry about this sensor. The gyroscope is also standard. In order to make entries on the smartphone, while it is in the VR glasses, usually a magnetic switch is used. For this to be recognized, your smartphone must have a magnetometer (also e-compass). If this sensor is missing, the VR glasses can indeed use, but for inputs must be touched every time the screen.

The operating system

To download and launch VR apps, the Android or iOS version must not be too old. For smartphones with the Google operating system Android 4.1 is the minimum requirement. That should be a problem for the least devices, since most smartphones use newer versions.

Display and processor

For the VR experience to be really fun, the smartphone screen should have a high resolution. Looking through the lenses is very close to the screen, it may be that at low resolutions the individual pixels of the smartphone can be seen. VR glasses are only recommended if you have a smartphone with a display resolution of at least 1,920 x 1,080 pixels HD. It is important that the smartphone is as powerful as possible. VR apps are 3D applications that require a lot of computing power.

Where can I get a VR Camera and VR Glasses?

You would like to create VR videos yourself? Most VR cameras are still quite expensive, but we found a set which is perfect for a start in the VR world. Get more out of your videos, let your own worlds emerge with you Make your own videos and share them with friends and family.

This offer is from Medion

VR-3D Brille+ VR-3D Camera


For Smartphone or PC. the new TV generation.


Google doodles archive

What many do not know, Google has an archive in which all Google Doodles are present.

But what are Google Doodles? The answer: Google doodles are the graphics, which you can see on the start page of Google as well as in the search result lists on the top left. Usually, you'll find the Google logo there, which has been enhanced with some extras. With one click you can often start an animation. Google Doodles are not created without reason, but always to events. Therefore, there are also different countries with their different holidays and celebrities, different google doodles.

Google Doodles Archiv

The world of patents

Also in the world of patents is drawn by 3D technology and VR. Due to the emergence of 3D printing, the number of Patent applications rapidly. In the future, engineers will be able to view their models not only in 3D views, but in VR (virtual reality) this will cause the technological patents to get an even bigger share in the patent application. Whether made of metal, plastic or wood, with 3D printing the creative and innovative ideas have no limits. But with the emergence of the new patents, the demand for patent processors is growing. One of the most popular patent exploitations is TIZ-NORD not least because TIZ-NORD is the first patent exploitation that works on a profit basis and requires only 10% of the profits, provided that a degree was possible. Take a look at which patents TIZ-NORD offers under license offers on its site for sale and in the form of a license offer.




The Google 3D AI search engine. Here you can get information about maps

,Earth, Gmail, Google Drive and Online Software below.

Google 3D and Google use the same search terms. Through new algorithms of the Google 3D SEARCH MACHINE, this leads to targeted results. By implementing an AI 8 (Artificial Intelligence), the search engine finds the results that are summed up.
The Google 3D gallery

The website allows users to search the online archive for model collections or individual models. All models can be viewed online as a 3D view in the browser and, if the creator of the models allows it, also download. It is directly possible for the user to share links to a model via various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter from the 3D gallery. As a registered user, the following functions are available: Upload models in SKP or KMZ format Share your models for Google Earth Organize models in your own collections. Collaboration of several people on a model. When the protocol is activated, it is possible to track the version history of a model. Track the call statistics of a model 3D-Gallery

The 3D gallery

Is the primary interface for integrating real and georeferenced models into the Google Earth 3D layers. After uploading such a model into the 3D gallery, it will be in terms of

Acceptance criteria for 3D buildings checked. This is done through several steps: on the one hand automatically by technical examination of the model with the help of algorithms, on the other hand also manually by a trained checking team from Google coworkers. The Google Earth 3D layer is usually updated weekly. Model categories. The models in the 3D gallery can basically be divided into three different types Georeferenced

models These models of real buildings were either created with Google SketchUp and placed with their coordinates on Google Earth, or were made using the building authoring tool. Non-georeferenced models This includes all SketchUp created models that are not intended for the 3D layer in Google Earth. Dynamic components Dynamic components are models, such as cabinets, which can be dynamically adjusted by entering the required dimensions. Therefore, product

manufacturers often model their components in the 3D gallery in this form. layout When launching the 3D Warehouse in 2006, the site consisted of only one search box and two bars displaying the most popular and recently uploaded models. Half a year later you could organize your models in collections and the website was supplemented by a sidebar with helpful links. From the end of 2007, two more horizontal bars were added on the start page, which represent the collections presented as Cover Flow. At the end of 2011, a menu bar was added to the 3D gallery in the design. cognitive

character On May 27, 2010, the so-called "3D gallery badges" were introduced at the request of the community. These little medals are given as participants of conferences, competitions or when reaching a certain number of 3D models, which were taken over in Google Earth. The Google search engine uses web crawlers to follow the links found and tries to include many published pages in their search index. The pages are broken down by keywords and keywords. Google aims to provide search results sorted by relevance to users. The exact operation of the result sorting is Google's trade secret. Google also wants to prevent that non-relevant pages are presented by manipulation of suppliers unreasonably high in the results. These providers use methods of search engine optimization. Such optimization is to a certain extent desired by Google, for example in order to make the site more understandable for Google's algorithms. Webmasters can see issues on their website that Google found while crawling in Google Search Console, and optimize their site using Google Page Speed. The sorting algorithm of the search results is based, among other things, on a patented method that calculates the so-called PageRank value. This represents the link popularity, it indicates how well and by whom a document is linked. In addition to the PageRank, other factors are included in the sorting, eg. For example, the occurrence of search terms in the document title, in headings, or as anchor text in referencing documents. Google claims to include more than 200 factors in the calculation. Google is constantly updating its algorithms to respond to new trends. Major changes have been made especially with the updates Google Panda (2011) and Google Penguin (2012). The most important modification of the search algorithm was the Google Hummingbird algorithm introduced in 2013, which at the time of the introduction influenced around 90% of all search queries. Hummingbird evaluates not only the link popularity but also the connection between the individual words of a search query. This is important because searches are increasingly taking place over the voice input of smartphones. But even searches performed simultaneously with the same search term do not lead to the same order of results on Google. For example, Google also includes the location of the user and the language he chooses in sorting. Also, the search results are getting more personalized. In the so-called Web History, Google u. a. the searches performed and the pages visited. This is intended to provide more relevant results to the user by assuming that somebody who has previously been interested in the sport of golf and related terms is more likely to return to golf in a search for "golf." means and not the car Getting along in the jungle of the Internet is a difficult task.

Billions of websites are romping on millions of web servers worldwide. Search engines should be the solution. We enter a search term (keyword) and the search engine shows us the most important websites for the topic you are looking for. It would be nice! Unfortunately, then the search is really going on. Often dubious websites rank among the first search results. The other search results do not really fit the topic. The frustration is great. However, there are search engines that show better search results than others. For example, because the operation is also very easy and clear, Google has the edge among all search engines.


What is Google?

For this we have found a small video.

Google is a search engine and a US company. The search engine has been online since September 27, 1998 and is the most successful and largest search engine so far. With over 70% of search queries worldwide (Sept. 2013), Google is well ahead of its nearest rival, Baidu, a Chinese search engine with 16% of search queries. The main source of revenue for Google is its AdSense program, which provides contextual banner ads. Over 90% of sales are generated by this type of advertising. Google provides several services and apps, some of them free of charge. The most popular services include Gmail, an email service, Google Plus, a social network, and Youtube, a video sharing platform.

<What is Google Scholar?

We also asked ourselves this question and learned that Google Scholar is a search engine for scientific texts that can be used for literature research. If we are looking for scientific articles for a term paper or thesis on Google, we usually find no good text that could be used. On the other hand, at Google Scholar you can find almost exclusively articles, journals and books. As search results, contributions from academic journals are displayed as PDFs, individual citations or even abstracts. Google Scholar is the search engine for students, academics, doctoral candidates and scientists. But the big question is

How do we use Google Scholar?

This question is explained in the video below.


How does Google work?

A search engine is nothing more than a software program (also called Robot or Spider), developed by very clever programmers. Each search engine works on similar principles: the robot (software program) visits a website and follows links (images and text links). The website is scanned and read in, page by page. The texts and HTML elements are stored in interconnected databases. The database or texts are weighted and indexed (sorted) according to specific criteria. From this approach we can derive a few things.

1. How does the robot find the website?

Basically without your help. The robot follows links. If a foreign site has a link to your website, you will be automatically found.

In addition, the robot gets information from various directories on the Internet. Search engines are very busy. If your website has up-to-date text over and over, Google comes by every day or almost every hour and indexes the new content. If you have a brand new website, you can also sign it in manually on different search engines. Every search engine has special registration pages. With the help of search engine optimization / SEO, your website is optimally prepared before logging in to search engines (see also our services: Logging in to search engines, entering search engines or search engine optimization.

2. What is scanned, which are important elements?

Basically, text (English: Content) is searched for and stored in the database of the search engine. Not all HTML elements are considered. For example, a search engine will ignore Java scripts. Even Flash movies and Java applets can (not yet) completely read a search engine. That's why the text is very important after the day. If a search engine finds only graphics and virtually no text, you are on the losing end. That's why good search engine optimization / SEO based on the basic principle: A search engine needs text, a lot of text and good text. Other important elements are Meta Tags (Meta Tag Generator)

such as. description in which then for example this sentence can stand: Wilhelmshaven the city by the sea.

They give the search engine clues as to what can be found on the page. But since meta tags are easy to manipulate, more and more robots refrain from reading most tags. Which elements are read in and above all, which weight the elements in the indexing is finally obtained Top Secret and no search engine reveals all the details. Everything about the title tag is definitely one of the most important elements. In a search engine optimization, it is important to consider all elements of a website optimization.

3. Which elements are stored? And where?

As already mentioned, it is not known in detail which search engine reads in or weights which elements. This for good reason. Many dubious companies try to outsmart the search engines. Every means is right for that. The search engines are flooded with worthless content (spamming) or with specially created pages for search engines (cloaking). The search engine spammers use pointless doorway pages and create thousands of pages that link to each other. Search engines have recognized the most tricks. You should also be careful if you are offered search engine optimization. Many companies want to make quick money and optimize with dubious means! If the wrong backlinks are set, you lose positions or are completely banned from Google's index! A search engine stores text / content in its own database. And not just in a database. As a searcher you would like to search for a result within seconds. That's why the content is distributed across multiple database servers. Also, several robots from different servers are in use to search billions of web pages worldwide. Important to know: When you do a search query, the web pages are not searched 'live', but only saved text elements are read from the database directory. The servers are housed in huge data centers. Here you can see a video of a data center of Google.

4. Very important: How are the results sorted, indexed?

Again, it is not known in detail how search engines analyze the text accurately and finally sort (index). The ranking process, ie the order in which websites are listed in the search results, is top secret and is constantly being improved by the search engines. The algorithms (calculation scheme) of the sorting are the decisive factor for the success of a search engine. If a search engine succeeds in distinguishing important and good text from dubious and unimportant text elements, the displayed search results apply to your search terms. Today's search engines continue to attach a high value to linking, the so-called link popularity. A search engine assumes: Left many strangers For example, if you are selling computer components, then a link from a similar webpage is considered more valuable than a link from a completely different subject area. Unfortunately, spammers have also recognized and link to each other, thus diluting the link popularity of their reputable website. Search engines are therefore against giving too much weight to this criterion. Also read the article about Linking (Link Popularity). As you can see, search engines are more or less predictable. Because today criteria like meta tags, link popularity, page ranking etc. As you get less and less weight, you need to focus on content (text) to get top rankings in major search engines. What is Search Engine Optimization SEO Search Engine Optimization Through Seobility Onpage SEO Tool helps you to consider all these complex criteria! An accurate guide to search engine optimization, will be published here shortly on the page.


Google Earth 3D

Google Earth 3D

Vacation on the PC

Fly in seconds with Google Earth for Chrome and visit hundreds of cities in 3D right in your browser. You can also discover new places, make a guided tour with Voyager or measure distances and areas. If you want you can also explore the Moon, Mars and the starry sky.3D-Modelle,Photos and historical TV recordings invite you to linger. In addition, GPS data can be imported into the software. In addition, the developers promise tour guides for 11,000 places around the world and a growing number of cities that are fully available as a 3D model .

Google VR-Earth

Google Earth has got a new functionality. It was possible to view everything in 3D in the past, but it has been since Creation of VR glasses now also possible to view the world Virtual. Take a look at the world in Breathtaking Virtual Reality, get guided by Google in places where You have never been before and experience it in your living room. That's what makes Google Earth VR 3D possible. So far, there is Google Earth VR-3D with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but it seems that it is very soon for Many more VR glasses manufacturers will be available. We have a link to the Google Earth VR-3D page below.

Google Earth VR-3D

What is Sketchup 3D?

"SketchUp Free" is the sequel to "SketchUp Make" - a free design software, which makes it possible to create complex 3D objects. Here will differ between

SketchUp Free, SketchUp Pro $ 299 / year and SketchUp Studio $ 1199 / year

With "SketchUp Free" three-dimensional sketches can be created and changed. In contrast to only user-friendly CAD programs SketchUp is designed for beginners. With simple tools, SketchUp lets you develop 3D models of buildings or machines. Textures and glass elements can be added and detailed. You can publish your finished models in Google Earth and Google Maps or put them on the Internet in the 3D Warehouse. In the Pro version, you can include various plug-ins and many other benefits. The Pro Versoin costs the manufacturer (link below) 299 USD per year.

Google SketchUp Download

Create an account and download SketchUp.


The difference between Street View and Google Maps 3D

In 2009, Google began recording larger cities with the camera trucks. At the end of 2010, the first German cities were online. However, there were probably no such deletions from people in any country, who did not want to see her house in Street View. As a result Google announced in 2011 that the further coverage of Germany would be terminated and the existing image material is no longer updated. That certainly does not happen with Google Maps 3D, because there is a big difference here: Google Street View was crisp, detailed and zoomable, which in a sense "look into the windows". Google Maps 3D is different. These are machine-rendered, cut-together and relatively blurry shots, the overall always look a bit artificial. The viewer hovers pretty high above the cityscape and actually sees everything from a bird's eye view. Another difference is more of an advantage. Google Street View always looks at the buildings from the street, so you just see the front of the houses. Google Maps 3D is made up of aerial photographs and that means that you can also look into courtyards and gardens and also see the houses from behind.


Google Drive

Google DRIVE

Google Drive provides a service

for hosting files of the company Google, users document storage in the cloud, Sharing files and file handling. In the future, the storage service will be renamed Google One.


What is the Google Play Store?

A simple explanation: The Play Store is a kind of digital bazaar from Google. If you own an Android phone, you get all applications from the Play Store or Apps that are used daily on your smartphone. You can open the official page of the Google Play Store in the browser at or below with the Playstore button. Alternatively, you can also access the Play Store directly from your mobile phone. The Play Store app is already preinstalled on your phone. In the Play Store, you will not only find games and apps for your Android phone, you will find a variety of applications such as movies, series, books and music. Part of the Play Store is e.g. the offer on Google Play Music, where songs and albums listen to play. Everything you buy in the Play Store is digital. You will not receive movies in a DVD case or other items that are sent by post. The only exception: Google's own smartphones and tablets. If you buy an Android phone, you'll typically create a Google Account when you set it up. With this you will automatically have access to the Play Store and its offer. In addition to the many free downloads, the Play Store also includes paid apps, books, music, and movies.

Google Playstore

Google-MAPS 3D

Enable 3D view in Google Maps

Go to Google Maps.

If you have accessed the map view, first switch to the view Satellite over the square on the bottom left. On the right side you can with the 3D Button the Activate 3D view.

Zoom in with the scroll wheel of the mouse or the buttons in the control panel. Now you can see the buildings in 3D. Maps offers: Route planning, orientation, maps were yesterday: While you used to have to roll out the maps when you were on holiday, today every trip is digitally supported. Google Maps is one of the largest providers in the field of online navigation and has already taken the place of the navigation system in many cars. The difference between Street View and Google Maps 3D - In 2009, Google began capturing larger cities with the camera trucks. At the end of 2010, the first German cities were online. However, there were probably no such deletions in any country from people who did not want to see their house in Street View. Therefore, Google announced in 2011 that the further coverage of Germany would be terminated and the existing images will no longer be updated. That will not happen with Google Maps 3D, because there is a big difference here: Google Street View are sharp, detailed and zoomable photographs that look, as it were, "right into the windows". Google Maps 3D is quite different. These are machine-rendered, cut-together and relatively blurry shots, the overall always look a bit artificial. In addition, the viewer hovers pretty high above the cityscape and actually sees everything from a bird's eye view.



Google MAIL

With Gmail (or Gmail) 3D

Can you send, receive and manage messages?

After signing up for Gmail, Gmail is also available on mobile devices as a mailbox.


What is 3D.

Here you have to take a closer look. The visual center of our brain evaluates different data streams. Shadows and overlays flow into the analysis of this information as well as the size of an object we know well. Dehalb we usually also directly with the right "grip" for a cup, because you know the shape of the cup's. Nevertheless, the main reason for our ability to see three-dimensional, the two eyes must be present. The pupils are between six and seven centimeters apart, which leads to that we always have two different perspectives when we look at something. This can be checked very easily: Keep your thumb up right in front of your nose, get a fix behind it, like a picture on the wall. Open the left and the right eye, that's how it looks as "jump" the thumb around - depending on the fixed point in the background, which is displayed on our retina in the appropriate places. Now our brain decodes based on the analysis of retinal disparity, ie from the staggered position or the different images on our retina through the shifted perspective, the spatial depth of an object. Here, the following applies: The closer the object and the fixation plane are to each other, the smaller the differences. The principle of stereoscopic photography builds on this basis. This all sounds very complicated, but in reality is quite simple and thus provides the basis for 3D, an effect that we are now all facing.


How can I convert my 2D videos to 3D videos?

With the "Format Converter 2D to 3D" you can create 3 dimensional worlds from simple video films - perfect for watching with red cyan glasses. 3D is becoming more and more popular and has already prevailed in cinema and TV. No wonder that the new technology on the PC is a real asset. With the "Format Converter 2D to 3D" you also jump on the wave. The program provides your videos with a 3D effect. How to experience the third dimension - at home on your own computer. As complicated as it sounds, it is that simple. You specify the conversion form or destination folder, load the video and the "2D to 3D format converter" automatically converts the video. Note: To see in 3D, you need 3D glasses. Follow the instructions in the free 3D glasses template to make yourself such glasses. Supported Techniques: Red Cyan, Blue Yellow, Red Magenta, Polarization, Shutter. Supported formats: AVI, DIVX, FLV, MKV, MP4, MPEG-2, WMV, XVID.

The software is offered by (format converter)

Will 3D HD TV be replaced by VR-8K TV?

The end for 3D TV even before it goes on air The TV manufacturers, however, turn away from the three-dimensional display option.

Samsung, for example, now relies completely on virtual reality instead of 3D.

The satellite operator Astra now follows the same path: The previous 3D demo channel, which was broadcast on 19.2 ° East and should demonstrate the possibilities of 3D television, has been discontinued.

Where can I get free VR GAMES?

This question we have pursued, if you do not necessarily spend a lot of money for games, you will find little content for PC. But we now have a positive message for all VR enthusiastic players. In order to be able to play VR-GAMES nevertheless free of charge on PC, need You bluestacks. With this Android emulator you can install the games after installation Google Play Store

download and use it on the PC. The Playstore already has a large number of Sielen. For PCs, games will gradually be available online as many jump on the bandwagon of virtual reality. We will also be making new content available as soon as possible. Bluestacks can be downloaded below.

Google Play VR GAMES
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For all who are excited about VR (Virtual Reality), this chat is a must. Create your avatar and immerse yourself in a world of the future. However, the installation is a bit complicated, unless you use a Steam account, here we will write and publish instructions in the future.

VR-CHAT offers from VR-CHAT
At the beginning

Will Virtual Reality replace 3D technology?

The cards for the 3D home theater are getting worse. Actually a bit surprising considering that the 3D hype is more or less unbroken in the cinemas. Currently, for example, the two blockbusters "Star Trek: Beyond" and Steven Spielberg's "BFG - Big Friendly Giant" of course in 3D in theaters.

While nobody in the cinema bothers to put on 3D glasses for a few hours, the readiness in the domestic living rooms is obviously much lower. 3D will be replaced by VR sooner or later. We dare to look to the future and assume that the next generation of TVs will be VR-8K devices.


How do I create my own 3D images?

That's thanks to LibreOffice

very easy here you get a step by step guide.

1. Download LibreOffice, the program is free.

2. After successful installation, open LibreOffice Draw.

3. Now open an image that you want to convert to 3D,

there are only a few steps to the 3D image

4. Now move your mouse to the menu item

Form and select the menu item Conversion

5. Now it's up to the adjustment, this Click me the right

Click on the picture and select the menu item 3D-Effects

6. Now edit the image until you like it 100%

7. We arrived at the end, save and finish is your 3D image.



Where can I get 3D software

Free CAD is a free solid, parametric, free 3D CAD freeware - the name does not promise too much. The 3D software is mainly suitable for designing objects from everyday life in 3D.

The method of parametric modeling is particularly suitable for modifying 3D design and going back as far as possible during the manufacturing process.

FreeCAD is open source and very customizable, scriptable and extensible. Typical of an open source software is that the menu equipment is geared to the needs of the user community. So you should be prepared for FreeCAD to be overwhelming in the beginning. But if you are not deterred at first, the tenacity really pays off in the end.


What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics gives you an overview of the development of your page. You want to control your website, constantly optimize it and increase the success? With the help of statistical data u.a. on the number of visitors, duration of visit and visitor behavior You draw meaningful conclusions on strengths and weaknesses of your side. Google Analytics allows you to By incorporating a tracking code into the code of your page, a continuous analysis and statistical To run evaluation of your website. This analysis tool is free in the basic version and should be of any SEO Spizialist is one of the most widely used web analytics tools worldwide.

In addition, you have the option to define individual goals and to measure the conversion rate. Such goals may include i.a. Increase orders or increase newsletter subscriptions. But you can also use it to measure the success of your marketing activities. Google is constantly expanding the functionality of Google Analytics so that it can also be linked to social media.

Benefits of Google Analytics

- Export possibility of the collected data - Link to Google AdWords possible - Involvement AdSense possible - Integration of social networks possible - Measurement of the charging time possible - E-commerce tracking possible - Definition and measurement of individual goals - In-page analysis available

Google Analytics gives you u.a. Information about:

- the number of visitors on your page - Time spent by visitors on your website - the search terms used by visitors to find your website - the browsers that visitors use - Traffic sources such as links, search engines etc. - the demographic characteristics, such as language and location of visitors - the content that visitors have viewed on your page - the devices that visitors use - u.v.m.


What is Google Data Studio?

With Google Data Studio, you can prepare data from various marketing channels and e-commerce systems and Visualize that even non-specialist employees or colleagues can effortlessly tap into it. On the page below Google shows you how to use Google Data Studio, design dashboards, Manage reports and data sources, work in a team and much more. Take advantage of seamless integration with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Search Console, or YouTube and learn how to add more databases, Google Sheets, or Google Big Connect Query and even use it for business intelligence scenarios.

Google Data Studio









Create Online 3D Models Online Now

Create online 3D models


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3D Software Online

Register online for yours

Save projects. Top right

on the page Click Login.

3D Software Online

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image editing

Edit her photos online,

No annoying software installation needed.

image editing

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OpenSCAD is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment

= Integrated programming environment)

and a CAD program (Computer Aided Design), the

the construction of printable

3D objects,e.g. Components, in a simple,

geometry-oriented programming language allowed.


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3D pictures

A collection of pictures in 3D for your TV.

Just right-click Download and watch on TV. Offered by stereoimage

Stereoimage 3D images gallery

3D Wallpaper

3D Wallpaper for PC and Smartphones Offered by Wallpaperscraft

Wallpaperscraft b3D Wallpaper

Free 3D wallpapers

The World of 3D Wallpapers for PC and Smartphone, offered by Pixabay

Pixabay 3D Wallpaper gallery

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3D video rental

This service is offered by Videobuster.

A collection of 3D videos for your TV.

From blockbusters to children's films, something for everyone.

However, this service costs money, depending on the video, the prices are different.

Videobuster 3D video rental

3D Video Rental Videociety

This service is offered by Videociety.

A collection of 3D videos for your TV.

From blockbusters to children's films, something for everyone.

However, this service costs money, depending on the video, the prices are different.

Videociety 3D Videos

3D video rental Oculus

This service is offered by Oculus.

A collection of 3D videos for your TV.

From blockbusters to children's films, something for everyone.

However, this service costs money, depending on the video, the prices are different.

Oculus VR Videos

3D-VR Video Distribution ZDF


This service is offered by ZDF.

A collection of VR-3D videos for your TV.

Something for everyone.

This service is free and the viewing angle can be used without VR glasses.



ARTE VR Videos

VR Video discover the world with AIRPANO

A collection of VR videos around the world.

This site is a true must for VR fans.

133 VR videos plus a picture gallery.


<VR Videos 360cities

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Oculus VR Videos
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VR the future of the digital age.

The time of VR glasses has just begun, but already today it is very popular with many. The application areas for this technology are enormous, whether we want to virtually commit a home or want to watch a movie, whether we want to experience games in virtual reality or in online trading. All this is possible with the VR glasses, imagine that there is a shop, you could not only get the product pictured in 3D views, but look at it virtually from all perspectives. The VR future has just begun, but it is already becoming apparent that it will not only be useful to end users, but cover many areas. In 2050, purchasing will most likely only be virtual in the vast majority. We found 2 good galleries for viewing VR content above. More will follow as soon as there are new ones. There are already a few VR videos on YouTube, and many more are likely to follow in the coming year. Sky, Netflix, Maxdome and many more are already on the move to VR technology. We can be curious when the first VR-8K TV is in stores.

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What is VR? (Virtual reality)

The topic of Virtual Reality is on everyone's lips! From the scientific perspective Let's explain virtual reality once.

What does Virtual Reality mean?

To get closer to the term "Virtual Reality", first of all, the meaning of the words virtual in German should be used and reality in german reality, know each other separately. The word virtual, is considered something that is "not genuine" or "Seemingly" is explained. In the technological environment, this term has long been used to describe something which is not physical but has functionality or impact, like a virtual machine.

The definition of reality already employed philosophers, Plato or Kant, a detailed description can be found at Wikipädia. Put simply, the word reality describes which is synonymous with "reality", the (physical) real world, into which a human being is born and which is perceived by him through his sensory impressions. Accordingly, one can imagine that if reality denotes the perception of the real world, the composite term virtual reality describes the perception of a virtual world that is not real, However, in their functionality or effect is present and therefore can be experienced.^

Generation of a Virtual Reality

It becomes clear that the VR is a computer-generated phenomenon and various Technologies are needed to produce them. In addition, other core elements of Virtual Reality are mentioned, like the user-centered view through which the three-dimensional environment ("three-dimensional") automatically opens aligning the user's new perspective, the user's multisensory approach, and interaction and immersion.

"Virtual Reality" definition

Virtual reality is a medium that consists of a computer-generated, interactive world that completely surrounds the user and by addressing one or more senses by means of suitable systems can be experienced particularly immersive. Virtual Reality is a digital medium that can be viewed as both a technology and a medium. We have found a site where you can create VR videos yourself and build them on your website.

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Your introduction to 3D printing

Ever since the first 3D printers are on the market, they are fascinating with their technology. There are many areas where you can use a 3D printer, be it home improvement or craft supplies, for printing parts for model making or for artistic prints and designs. So far, you may have withheld the purchase of a 3D printer, The offered models did not seem to be mature yet. But now 3D printing has outgrown its infancy and is experiencing a noticeable professionalization. The amount of enthusiastic 3D print fans is growing and also the range of models, which provide a satisfactory print quality. Now is the time for you to jump on this trend. You have been waiting long enough! They are full of energy, but still a bit unsure: Just buy and get started? It's not that easy then. The path from the drawing to the printed three-dimensional object has some technical details and applications, which one should know and master. Without a basic understanding of how 3D printing works, you will not get very far. But we have put together a number of links for you, with which you can get the expertise and the necessary Watch software programs for free on the net at first. So let's go.

1.First, you have to first have the knowledge of how a 3D printing actually works.

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2.Where can I get free software for testing to see if I can create a 3D model?

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3.Last but not least, where can I get a low cost printer that will do the job.

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Professional web Performance Google-3D

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